Is It Advisable To Resign Before Applying For Disability Payments? Find Out The Legal Consequences

Consulting a legal advisor is a crucial step before applying for a disability payment. During the consultation, you can ask questions regarding this delicate legal process and how you can create a strong claim. Additionally, your attorney will assess the situation and advise you on whether or not to quit your job. They might discourage you from resigning before applying for disability benefits, especially if you plan to file for benefits under your employer-provided policy. Read on to understand why quitting before applying for disability payments might not be a good idea.

Reasons Why Quitting Your Job Is Not Advisable

Quitting your job just before applying for disability benefits will halt your coverage, affecting your eligibility. So even if you feel like you cannot continue working because of an illness or injury, resigning is a bad idea. Instead of that, request sick off to seek a comprehensive medical examination and treatment. And remember to retain all your medical records because they will be part of the evidence you'll issue to the insurance company when filing your claim. In addition, medical reports enable the insurer and court to determine if you're a disability candidate.

Unfortunately, many employees live with work-related medical conditions or injuries for several years without seeking treatment. They struggle with such a state and fail to disclose it for fear of losing their jobs. Doing this only worsens the situation, making it challenging to perform your duties effectively. Subsequently, your employer will terminate your working contracts. Besides, you may lose compensation benefits for failing to report the issue in time. Speak to a disability insurance claims attorney immediately after you suffer a life-threatening injury at work. They will help you report the incidence and commence the disability payment process as soon as possible. 

What To Do If You're Planning to Apply for Disability Benefits

Typically, your lawyer will need a copy of your employer's insurance policy so that they can evaluate what it covers. Your boss shouldn't withhold this information from you or retaliate against you when they learn that you're planning to file for disability benefits. A copy of the policy enables your lawyer to know its terms and the disability types covered therein. They will then offer you relevant advice as you begin pursuing disability payments.

As you can see, resigning just before applying for disability benefits is not a good idea. Therefore, do not attempt to take this step, no matter how enticing it may seem. Instead, consult a disability insurance claims attorney such as Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law for guidance immediately after you realize that your condition is affecting your working ability. 

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