Why Evidence Matters When Obtaining Disability Benefits

Even if you are too disabled to work, you may find it difficult to get a job because you do not have enough evidence to prove that this is the case. Your own testimony will play a role in your case, but a doctor's testimony and medical evidence are much more valuable. 

Documenting Your Limitations

Make sure to write down your day-to-day experiences and the limitations that you believe you have. For example, if you believe that you cannot lift a certain number of pounds, you will want to write this down. If you believe that you have persistent pain when sitting for a long period of time, write this down. If you often find yourself confused and unable to focus, write this down. 

Following the Doctor's Orders

If you are found to not be following your doctor's orders, this may negatively affect your disability case. The SSA wants you to try to get better. Your claim might be denied if there is evidence that you were not following your doctor's orders unless you can give a good reason for not doing so. 

However, not following the doctor's orders is not considered as important as other factors and the SSA does not want to punish those who are making a good faith effort to get better. For example, if you disagree with a treatment and would like to pursue a different option, you may still be entitled to disability benefits. However, if it seems that you are committing fraud, you may have your claim denied.

Obtaining Medical Evidence

Another reason why you will want to cooperate with your doctor is that you need evidence that you are disabled. The medical documents that your doctor provides will be more valuable than any other type of testimony. If you have followed your doctor's orders and you are still in pain and haven't gotten better, speak with a disability benefits lawyer to determine the steps you should take.

Medical conditions affect different individuals in different ways. This is especially true if you are suffering from a serious psychiatric disorder. In some cases, you might become disabled because you followed your doctor's orders and the treatment made your condition worse. Regardless of what happened. you will need to produce solid evidence to support your claim and the SSA will then be much more likely to approve your claim. Even if you are denied the first time, you might win on an appeal.

For disability benefits assistance, contact a disability attorney.

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