When Do You Need Attorney Services In A Criminal Case?

It might seem dramatic for you to hire a criminal law attorney. However, people are often surprised by how many scenarios justify seeking attorney services. When you encounter any of these 6 problems, it might be time to retain counsel.

Criminal Exposure

This is an overarching concept that covers every reason you should consider lawyering up. Criminal exposure means that a situation has gotten to the point where you might eventually face charges or an investigation.

Note that this doesn't mean you have to be at the center of a criminal case. Even people who are tangential to an incident may have criminal exposure. If a cop or a prosecutor decides a witness is covering for someone, for example, they might threaten obstruction of justice charges. The goal is to nudge the witness into providing more testimony.


It's wise to consult with a criminal law attorney the moment you catch wind of any type of allegations. Even if these are just rumors circulating among people you know rather than a full-on case involving the cops, it's prudent to talk with a lawyer. They can tell you how to respond to the situation to try to limit it going further.

You'll especially want to meet with an attorney if there's media attention. At this point, hiring a lawyer and not needing them is generally a better plan than not having one around when you do.


Yes, this might seem simple. Many people decide to confront cases by themselves, though. If you've been charged with an offense, lawyer up.


The cops often like to act like they just need to ask you some questions. This is where criminal exposure gets started. Even if a police officer indicates it's about someone else and not you, tell them you want you'll need to look into attorney services before you speak to them.

Someone Close to You

Criminal exposure often comes from the direction of friends and family members. It doesn't have to be intentional. Things can spiral quickly. A parent might face legal issues if the cops claim their child had drugs in the house, for example. Similarly, you might be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a friend comes under suspicion.


Many people are caught off guard when the police start pressuring them as witnesses. It could be a police tactic with no endgame, but there might also be eventual criminal charges. Contact an attorney if the police say they need you as a witness.

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