Can Military Service Impact Your Family Law Case?

If you are in the military, the family law issues you face will be very different than somebody who is not in the military. Your service may provide you with a job and other benefits, but it can certainly complicate some matters.

Do you have concerns about how the military will impact your legal case? These are some of the things you need to know about how active military duty can impact your case.

Military Service Will Not Impact Your Alimony

Being in the military does not exempt you from paying alimony or spousal support. There are regulations that prevent the majority of your disposable income from being taken, but you may still need a family law attorney to stand up for you.

Military Service May Impact Custody and Visitation

One thing that could be impacted by active military duty is child custody or visitation. For example, you may have to include stipulations in your custody and visitation agreements for times during which you may be deployed.

Additionally, you may need to take special steps to ensure you will be able to see your child regularly if you are moved to different bases that are further away from your child's current home. You can finalize plans with a legal professional or attend mediation to ensure you still have parenting time.

Military Service Means Your Wages Can Be Garnished

Your wages may be garnished when you are in the military if you are not keeping up with your obligations for support or alimony. You may also face other forms of discipline in the military if you are not meeting obligations based on the disciplinary guidelines of your superiors.

Military Service May Protect You From Civil Suits

When you are in the active-duty military, you may face special protection from civil suits placed against you. This could also include family law matters, like unmet spousal support obligations. This means that even if you are not able to pay your obligations, you may not bear the burden of having to go to court for a civil lawsuit.

Family Lawyers Can Help You

A family lawyer can help you understand your family law case so that you can be as educated as possible moving forward. Are you ready to face a legal challenge with representation on your side? A family law attorney who understands your military service and goals can help you through legal issues.

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