4 Strategies Your Speeding Ticket Lawyer Will Use To Get Your Traffic Ticket Dismissed

There's nothing fun about seeing the dreaded blue police lights flashing in your rearview mirror, signaling you to pull over. Of course, when you're issued with a speeding ticket, your first thought will be to pay and be done with the ordeal. However, there are several reasons why you should consider fighting the ticket. 

To begin with, you have to pay a fine and other hidden costs: administrative fees and increased insurance premiums. What's more, the ticket will affect your driving record, and employers may limit or even deny you the right to use company vehicles. For these reasons, you will need a speeding ticket lawyer to contest the ticket. Here are four strategies your lawyer will use to get your ticket dismissed. 

1. Prove there are mistakes on your ticket

While a misspelling of your car model won't get your ticket dismissed, there are some mistakes on the ticket that can question the officer's accuracy. Your speed ticket lawyer will check for any errors on the ticket. If they find that the officer recorded an incorrect license plate number, wrong date, or an incorrect driver's license, they will convince the judge to dismiss your case. 

2. Use errors made by the officer during trial

When you go to court to fight your speeding ticket, your attorney will listen carefully to the police officer and note down any errors they make. For example, if the officer makes the mistake of omitting vital information or including inconsistent testimonies, your lawyer will use these errors to question their truthfulness and get the judge to dismiss your ticket. 

3. Prove that your conduct was necessary to avoid harm

Suppose you violated the speed limit law because of an emergency that wasn't avoidable. In that case, your speed ticket attorney will use this to convince the judge or jury to dismiss your ticket. For instance, if you had to speed above the speed limit to avoid an accident with an out-of-control car, your lawyer will use the legal necessity defense to prove that you had to violate the law to prevent immediate danger.  

4. Prove that the speed detecting equipment was not properly calibrated

The equipment used by traffic officers to detect speed has to be calibrated regularly to clock the correct speeds. Therefore, your lawyer will request to see calibration records and use these records to determine if the equipment was calibrated correctly. If the police cannot provide these records, your lawyer will bring this in court to elicit doubt and get your ticket dismissed. 

Receiving a speeding ticket doesn't mean you have to pay for it. In fact, paying for it is an admission of guilt. To get your ticket dismissed, consult with a speeding ticket law office, such as Traffic Ticket Office.

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