Critical Benefits To Pursue By Hiring A Skilled Coal Miner Attorney

Coal mining jobs are hazardous and physically strenuous. Despite the lucrative pay and attractive benefits, they can still be risky and cause workers to suffer any number of illnesses and injuries. When you are among the thousands of mineworkers who are injured or sickened each year, you can hire an experienced coal miner injury attorney to represent you. A knowledgeable coal miner attorney can assist you in pursuing these critical benefits that can be instrumental to your recovery and healing.

Covered Medical Expenses

Depending on the circumstances of your illness or injury, the coal mine for which you work may owe you compensation for your medical expenses. If you were unwittingly exposed to toxic materials or subject to dangerous work conditions that resulted in an injury, you may be entitled to having most or all of your medical bills paid.

Your coal miner attorney can divert bills for your medical care to your employer. They can also ensure that your employer's workers compensation pays these bills and leaves nothing in the balance about which you have to worry or pay for yourself.

Short-Term Disability Benefits

Your coal miner injury attorney can also pursue short-term disability benefits on your behalf. If you cannot work now but possibly can work in the near future, you may be entitled to short-term disability payments from your employer. 

Your attorney can negotiate payments for several weeks or months during the time that you cannot work. These payments let you recuperate at home and get an income with which to pay your bills. You avoid having to rush back to work out of fear that you may lose your job or not have money to sustain your family. 

Long-Term Disability

If you cannot go back to work at all because of your injury or illness, you may be owed permanent disability benefits from your employer. Your coal miner injury attorney can file for these benefits on your behalf. They can also file a lawsuit to compel a reluctant insurer to pay them out to you. If need be, your coal miner attorney can likewise negotiate a settlement that can take the place of long-term disability benefits.

These benefits are some that an experienced coal miner injury attorney can pursue on your behalf. You can get medical bills, short-term disability, or long-term benefits paid out. Reach out to a coal miner attorney for more information or to start your case. 

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