Was Your Nursing License Suspended? Learn Reasons Why, Defense And How To Get Reinstated

Your nursing license is the authorization that the federal government and health bodies give you to attend to your patients. If it is revoked or suspended, you might feel like you have reached the end of your career. This can be frustrating because the process of acquiring it is not easy. However, you can appeal the suspension of your license and get it back. But this depends on the reason for the suspension, and also the quality of the defense you put up. 

Here is what you need to know about the causes of license suspension, and how a license defense lawyer can help you get yours back.

The Reason Behind The Suspension

The road each nurse follows in acquiring their license is unique. Similarly, the circumstances that can lead to license suspension are different for everyone. Some common sources of problems are fraud, a positive criminal background check, abuse, sexual misconduct, and medical malpractice among others.

Some cases are easy to resolve, while others are complicated. This is why it is advisable to hire a lawyer as soon as your license is revoked because they will help you figure out the best defense to get it back.

Defending License Suspension

Once your license has been suspended, the next step is getting a lawyer and challenging the suspension. The procedure to challenge the ruling varies from state to state. The steps you take should depend on the nature of the disciplinary action. Some states may withdraw your license for a set period of time while others will revoke it completely.

Your defense should be based on the crime. If you lost the license to medical malpractice, you need to prove innocence to get it back. If you had a positive criminal background check, you need to prove that you have reformed, or that you faced your criminal charges and got out.

How To Get Reinstated

First, you need support from colleagues and other people who work closely with you. Second, you need to be as authentic as possible when presenting your side of the story. Having a lawyer can help you train for the questions the board will ask you. It also protects you from perjuring yourself or giving out information that could hurt your case.

The wisest thing to do is hire a nursing license defense attorney as soon as your license is revoked. This will give you a better shot at getting your license back. Contact an attorney, such as Spiga & Associates, for more information. 

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