Your IUD Injury May Be A Personal Injury Case

For many women, the intrauterine device, or IUD, is a very helpful way to avoid pregnancy. It often is a great way to avoid pregnancy without the need to take a pill each day. Some use copper and others use hormones. Each women has a different experience with IUDs.

Unfortunately, some women experience personal injuries that result from IUD use. This can result in severe side effects and injuries. Do you need to know more before you consult with an attorney? This is what you need to know.

Why Can IUDs Cause Problems?

There are several reasons why IUDs cause problems for some women. In some cases, IUDs can be designed in a defective manner. Other times, they can be inserted improperly. This may result in physical pain or even tearing.

Some IUDs contain hormones. Some women experience intense side effects to these hormones. The symptoms may be in place until after the IUD is removed.

What Personal Injuries Are Associated With IUDs?

Several personal injuries are associated with IUDs. These include the device moving into the uterus or migrating into soft tissues. Sometimes the device breaks. Other side effects include inflammation, organ damage, infection, and scarring. Women may experience ectopic pregnancies, loss of menstrual periods, and ovarian cysts.

Some of these symptoms can be devastating, and they can lead to long-term consequences. It is important to talk to your doctor and record your symptoms if you are thinking about pursuing a legal case.

What Kinds of Expenses Will a Personal Injury Case Cover?

There are many different types of expenses that a personal injury case can cover. For one, you may recover your medical expenses. This includes expenses incurred by the removal of the device. It may also cover treatment after removal, which in severe cases could involve a hysterectomy or treatment for an infection.

Your court cases may also cover pain and suffering and lost wages. Lost wages typically come from being unable to work because of your health condition.

What Can You Do If You Have a Personal Injury?

If you believe you are the victim of a personal injury caused by an IUD, you should consult with a professional personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you build your case and gather evidence. Your IUD case may be difficult and devastating to contend with, but an attorney can help you establish a strong case.

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.

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