The Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Disability Claim Attorney

The legal process to apply for and win disability benefits can be arduous and lengthy. People who represent themselves are often unprepared for the months and years that it can take to win their case. They grow frustrated at the number of challenges that often fall between their case and a successful judgment.

Rather than maneuver these challenges on your own, you can hand off your case to a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. These reasons are why you need an experienced disability claim attorney to represent you in the matter.

Solid Argument

When you first file your claim in court, you need to present a solid argument that leaves little room for questions or doubts. You must impress upon the judge that you are indeed too sick or injured to earn an income. It is imperative that your case include all of the evidence required to substantiate your disability.

Your lawyer can build a solid case before your court date so the judge knows full well that you are in fact disabled. He or she will include evidence like your medical and prescription records, X-rays, laboratory results and written or verbal reports from your healthcare team. This evidence establishes right away that you suffer from a qualifying disability that prevents you from continuing meaningful employment.

Filing an Appeal

Even with a rock-solid case, there is still a chance that your case might be denied. If you receive a denial from the court, you have the right to file an appeal. In fact, many disability claimants must file at least one, if not several, appeals before they win their cases.

Your attorney can file an appeal right away so your case remains on the court's docket. The appeal will include even more information about your disability and may even require the testimony of friends, relatives and coworkers who can attest to your illness or injury.

Further, you have the right to appeal your case as many times as needed to win disability benefits. Your lawyer can file prompt appeals after each denial.

A disability claim attorney can represent you in court and argue before the judge about your inability to work. He or she can also quickly establish that you suffer from a qualifying injury or illness that prevents you from earning an income. Your lawyer likewise can file appeals after case denials.

To learn more, contact a disability claim attorney.

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