How A Lawyer Can Help Defend You In A Reckless Driving Case

Have you been given a reckless driving citation that you feel was not justified, and now you want to fight it in court? You may feel that this type of case is best taken on by a lawyer that specializes in reckless driving cases. Here are some of the defenses that they may decide to use to help win your case.

Attack The Facts

The main way that your lawyer is going to defend you in court is by attacking the facts of the case. One way this is done is by challenging the effectiveness of any equipment that was used to monitor your driving and flag the officer for a potential reckless driving defense. For example, if a radar gun was used to track your speed, it is possible to challenge the calibration of the equipment. Your lawyer may want to find out when the equipment was last calibrated and the proof that the calibration was done. If the officer cannot provide this documentation, it may be a step in the right direction to win your case.

Your lawyer may also offer to present your own evidence that contradicts the facts presented by the police officer. If your car had a dashcam that recorded what was happening at the time you were pulled over, this can be great evidence to help prove that you were not driving recklessly. 

Plead For Mercy

In addition to attacking the facts, your lawyer can help you plead for mercy in front of a judge. A large part of a reckless driving defense is to prove that you are a good person. The incident that you were pulled over for may be a one-time incident and not a pattern of regular behavior, making a judge more likely to rule in your favor. This can include lowering the amount of the ticket that you have to pay or even letting it go completely. 

Some ways that a lawyer will help you plead for mercy in court is by using your lack of previous moving violations as evidence that you are a good driver, or showing how you are an upstanding member of the community. Being a first time offender for any crime will make a judge more favorable to accept a plea for mercy. Your lawyer can also help make you look presentable in court so that you do not have to defend yourself and say the wrong thing.

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